The Debt Resolution Program and its Risks

There are some specific risks involving Debt Resolution. It is important that the client understands that by not paying their monthly bills, whether in the program or not, they run the risk of creditors taking legal action. Creditors incur substantial costs when proceeding with legal action and will look for any way to avoid it. In addition, CLC has attorneys licensed in all 50 states who are able to provide legal advice or representation, should a client require it. Secondly, participation could impact credit scores. Credit will be negatively affected while enrolled in due to the fact that the client chooses not to make monthly payments to their creditors; however, as settlements are completed, the client will be provided with letters from their creditors showing that they have a zero balance. The primary focus of Debt Resolution is to help the client become debt free in the quickest and most cost effective manner possible. When the program is completed, assuming that the client stays current on their payments, their credit will begin to repair itself. The third issue associated with Debt Resolution is creditor/collector phone calls. While enrolled in a Debt Resolution program, the client may receive phone calls from creditors wanting payments. Some of these phone calls may be harsh. Contrary to what anyone hears, the creditor/collector has a right to call. However, there are rules they must follow that many do not. With the CLC program, the account manager will work with the client to help them better understand how to deal with the calls and will provide information on how to potentially slow the calls. There are many advantages to working with our law firm. The personal account manager will be able to send correspondence to creditors, directly from the law firm, to significantly reduce the calls or redirect those calls to the CLC offices. In the event that the client is being harassed by creditor/collector calls, the FDCPA has rules in place to protect the client and CLC has lawyers ready to help in these cases for no additional cost. When enrolling in a Debt Resolution program, the services that most firms provide would be limited to Debt Resolution services only. However, CLC includes things like FDCPA violation representation, free attorney consultation calls, debt validation requests, summons responses and court date extension requests (if necessary). Additionally, in the event the client decides to retain counsel through the law firm to file for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Ryan P. Worden, Attorney at Law will discount the client's attorney fees by 30%, provided that they have paid at least $1500 in fees towards the debt resolution program. If the client qualifies for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they can switch to bankruptcy at any time assuming these guidelines are met.

Debt Resolution

Set up a consultation and a meeting with an attorney or field agent of our firm

Receive an approval within 48 hours

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